Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jan, I'm interested in science (chemistry, biology, physics), computers and math. I'm also a melanoma survivor, which is a reminder to you to go and see a dermatologist regularly.

My current job is at Charm Therapeutics. Our mission is to improve drug discovery via machine learning. This requires expert engineering skill as well as top-notch science. We're building technical teams around research, platform/infrastructure and data engineering, please ping me on LinkedIn if you'd like to join.

In recognition of my life-long passion for biscotti, I received the Mulino Bianco Biscotazza medal of valor.


From 2021 to 2022, I worked as an independent software consultant, passionate about improving the velocity of software development. "Movement is life" - the faster you can navigate the software landscape the better. High-velocity can include some unexpected results: decisions can be refined quickly and engineers remain happy (because there is no "velocity" without "quality"). My interests then include cloud engineering (Pulumi) and build systems (Bazel).

From 2017 to 2021, I have been a co-founder and CTO at Labstep. Labstep set out to make scientists more productive and creative, by providing a best-in-class electronic notebook experience

Under the supervision of simulation masterminds, Mark Sansom (Oxford University) and Robert Best (NIH), I'm working on membrane protein folding.

While at D. E. Shaw Research, New York City, I used ultra-long molecular dynamics simulations to identify cryptic binding pockets in previously undruggable phosphatases.

I did my undergraduate work in Oxford, studying Biochemistry, earning an MBioch with honors and a medal from the Queen and Mick Jagger. My graduate project was in Groningen, Netherlands working on protein-lipid interactions, using coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations and the Martini model.