A long over due “hullo”!

Here is a funny thing: long weekends. Don’t we all love them? They just seem to produce so much free time! Free time to read, free time to rest… But free time is a dangerous thing - too much of it and you start getting bored, and before you know it you’re getting ideas!

Suffice to say that due to an brief over-abundance of time on one such weekend, I plunged myself in the blog thing again. Getting this thing running was no small feat that deserves a separate post - and maybe a mini-talk at a befriended meetup. For now take it on faith that moving from Blogger to Github Pages and Jekyll is no walk in the park, ok?

For quite a while now, there has been a number of things we’ve done really right at Labstep and I wanted to share our progress and technical learnings. These ‘learnings’ affect platforms used all around in the tech industry (React, Terraform) and could be of value to a larger audience.

Posts like this are very wishful: how can I expect to publish regularly, if there hasn’t been anything new here since December 2016… That’s a while. But let’s take the optimistic leap of faith again, as all silly humans do, and see what comes out of it.

Specific things that are super cool that we’ve done recently, and would be lovely to get them out the door before anything else:

  • Exploration in the “Infrastructure as code” garden, jumping between Terraform, CloudFormation and Pulumi
  • ServiceWorkers and how they can be kept up-to-date in modern React single page apps (SPAs)

These will go into the _drafts directory on GitHub so you can follow the progress… or lack of thereof!