Among the various group chats, the family group chat on whatsapp is king. This Christmas, a little puzzle has surfaced on the chat, courtesy of Flavio. What this says about our family chats, is another matter..

Here is the puzzle
Here is the puzzle

It’s as simple linear set of equations, and you’ve just been nerd-sniped so good luck solving it!

While simple, the problem inspired me to write a tiny Python solver – it’s brute force and assumes each of the variables is an int bound between 0..10

def solver():
    for c in range(11):
        for r in range(11):
            for t in range(11):
                for w in range(11):
                    check1 = c + r + t == 4*w
                    check2 = c + r == t
                    check3 = c + t == 8 + r
                    check4 = t == 3*r

                    if check1 and check2 and check3 and check4:
                        print(dict(c=c, r=r, t=t, w=w))
                        print(c + (r * t) - w)

if __name__ == "__main__":